Taking into account that robberies are just around the corner, more and more accessories are launched that seek to make car theft more difficult. Currently, it takes up to 15 seconds to steal a vehicle, but with the help of certain devices, the task will become much more difficult and could even cause thieves to give up.

Take note of these four anti-theft accessories and find out which one best suits your budget:

Staff for the helm

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It is placed and secured on the steering wheel of the car, so that the offender cannot drive the vehicle. To open it you need a key, so it will take considerable time to remove it.

Short current. This device causes the car to lose power if it is not deactivated when starting the march. It is usually small and hidden somewhere in the car that only owners know, so that it will be impossible for criminals to know that the vehicle will stop working.

Safety nuts

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Sometimes they don’t steal the entire car, but they do attack the tires, which is already a blow to the wallet. These safety nuts allow the removal of the tire is a much more difficult task since they work as a safe.

Alarm with GPS

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It is one of the most used accessories and will allow the insurance company to know where the car is even if it is miles away. If you discarded these accessories because you thought they were very expensive, think twice, because today you can find this type of artifacts with all kinds of prices. However, despite having all the accessories, an element that cannot be ignored is vehicle insurance, because if they did steal it, it is the only guarantee you will have to be able to buy a new car without borrowing more from the account, because the commercial value will be returned to the vehicle.

Remember that there are many insurance companies, but all have different benefits and to find the product that suits your pocket a good option is to compare the options.